Rotary valve manufacturer introduces the composition and influencing factors of vacuum feeder


Vacuum feeding machine is a kind of conveying equipment which transfers particles and powder materials by means of vacuum suction. It is widely used in the production and research fields of medicine, food, chemical industry, ceramics, feed, pigment, dye and agricultural products. The use of vacuum conveyor can greatly reduce the dust pollution in the workshop, improve the cleanliness, and save a lot of labor, reduce pollution, safe and reliable.

Composition of suction machine:

1: Vacuum generator or vacuum pump.

2: Filter unit

3: Suction port

4: Silo

5: Blowback tank

6: Discharge valve

7: PLC control system

Factors affecting the operation of feeder

1. Different positioning methods have different influencing factors. For example, when the mechanical stop is positioned, the positioning accuracy is related to the stiffness of the block and the speed when touching the block.

2. The positioning speed has a great influence on the positioning accuracy. This is because the energy dissipated by the moving parts is different when the positioning speed is different. Generally, in order to reduce the positioning error, the positioning speed should be reasonably controlled, such as improving the buffering performance and buffering efficiency of the buffer device, controlling the driving system to make the moving parts slow down timely.

3. The manufacturing accuracy and installation speed adjustment accuracy of precision manipulator have a direct impact on the positioning accuracy.

4. The weight of moving parts includes the weight of the manipulator itself and the weight of the object to be grasped. The weight change of moving parts has great influence on positioning accuracy. Usually, when the weight of moving parts increases, the positioning accuracy decreases. Therefore, not only the weight of the moving parts should be reduced, but also the influence of the weight change should be considered.

5. The position control precision of switch control, electro-hydraulic proportional control and servo control is different. This is not only because the accuracy and sensitivity of various control elements are different, but also related to the existence of position feedback device.