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TECLION is a modern technology enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of bulk material conveying equipment, bringing together a group of engineers designers, and craftsmen who are all with more than 20 years of working experience. On the basis of fully studying first-class brani products in the world, taking advantage of many advantages, and through many years of practice, TECLION has realized the systematic development of bulk material delivery valves . Whether it is used for dilute or dense phase transportation, high temperature or high pressure, high abrasive material, light material or viscous material, no matter the requirements of various harsh working conditions such as sanitary grade and explosion-proof grade, TECLION can provide customers with reliable and applicable product solutions.

Your needs, our passion!

TECLION has established good cooperative relations with many engineering companies and end users at home and abroad. The category of customers is expanding corstantly .Such as chemical industry, rubber industry, ore, cement, food, medicine, feed, grain, environmental protection, daily chemical , battery , our products are widely used in so various industries. We know there is no boundaries in science & technology and their application.We also understand our cause need more efforts. TECLION will just be a lion who always forge ahead together with customers.